PhD position in Guided Matterwave Interferometry and BEC accelerators

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Saturday, August 31, 2019

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The Cretan Matter Waves group at IESL FORTH in Heraklion (Greece) is looking for an excellent candidate for a PhD position in experimental matterwave interferometry with ultracold atoms. This project will be supervised by Dr. Wolf von Klitzing.

The research will cover a range of crucial aspects of trapped matter-wave interferometers, particularly oriented towards the miniaturisation of inertial quantum sensors in the near-future. In a recent paper (to be published in Nature), we have demonstrated for the first time coherent guiding of matterwaves over macroscopic distances. This will make possible to perform guided matter-wave interferometry over macroscopic distances and in non-trivial geometries

The new PhD student will explore the limits of the roughness of the atomic waveguides, that may be as low as tens of pico-Kelvin. Understanding the decoherence of fragile quantum objects as they travel rough terrain is the key to the successful production of an array of new quantum sensing devices.

We are looking for motivated students with an MSc in a related field. Ideally, they should be familiar with a photonics or atomic physics laboratory. For further information, please check our website

Feel free to write to our current PhD students, Saurabh (pandey@iesl.forth) or Hector (hector.mas@iesl.forth) for any inquiry.

You can apply by sending an email to Dr. von Klitzing ( with the following material:

A letter of motivation of less than one page.
Details of two possible referees.