PhD position in Quantum information with rare-earth ions (Lund University)

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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

The focus of this project is to realize a small quantum processor node, where the qubits consist of individual ions of Rare-Earth’s (Lanthanides). Such a processor node is a key unit that can be used in several quantum technologies, e.g. both as a quantum computer and for quantum communication. In order to be able to detect individual ions, the project uses an optical micro-cavity to amplify the emission by the Purcell effect.

A particular strength of these materials for quantum technology is that they have very long coherence times and that different ions can be distinguished by light, interacting at slightly different frequencies. This means that many qubits can be uniquely identified even if the processor node is only a few nanometers large. This leads to a high density of qubits and strong capacity to integrate the processor into optical systems.

This work is carried out in the Quantum information group at Lund University that has a strong history of quantum technology in these materials. The successful applicant will gain a beneficial Swedish employment, including a monthly salary of about €3000.

In order to apply, visit and follow the instructions.