PhD position in quantum information theory at Warwick

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

This PhD project will address quantum computation and information processing in realistic environments, in particular, in the NQIT Q:2020 machine. This device is being developed within the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, and aims to consist of 400 qubits across 20 different traps with photonic interconnects. In this theoretical project, the student will abstract the main sources of error from the physics of local quantum operations, transmission and measurement of quantum states of ions and photons. The overall aim will be to design and theoretically analyse quantum information protocols that can be implemented on the Q:2020 machine. The work will be carried out in collaboration with the group of Elham Kashefi at the University of Edinburgh.

The project is part of the NQIT quantum hub (, and allow the student to interact and engage with a large spectrum of scientists and experts in quantum information science.

The student should have a strong background in mathematics and familiarity with quantum information theory. Interested students can email with their latest CV and research statement, articulating their suitability for the position.