PhD Position Quantum Internet @ QuTech

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Application deadline: 
Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Our ambition is to realize a world wide quantum internet, connecting few qubit quantum processors using long distance quantum communication links. In 2020, we aim to have the first demonstration network connecting several cities in the Netherlands. We are now looking for an exceptional PhD candidate to join us in this endeavour.

You should apply if

  • You have a master degree in either computer science, electrical engineering, physics or applied mathematics at the time of starting your PhD.
  • An exceptional track record from your undergraduate study, where you have demonstrated your abilities in at least one research project.

A background in any of the following topics will be considered a plus: classical networks, quantum optics, quantum information and programming.

The position is located at QuTech, Delft University of Technology, a world leading institute in quantum technologies. You will join the Quantum Internet Roadmap, working in the theory (software) groups of Stephanie Wehner and David Elkouss. You will also closely collaborate with the experimental (hardware) group of Ronald Hanson.

Deadline: 1 August 2017 Starting date: As soon as possible, Negotiable

Please submit your application at: For questions email theoryPhD AT/ qutech * nl.

A master degree is required to commence PhD study in the Netherlands. If you do not yet have a master degree, QuTech Academy provides education in quantum technologies for master students in computer science, electrical engineering or applied physics at Delft University of Technology with a year of courses, followed by the possibility of a one year research project at QuTech leading to a masters thesis.