PhD position in quantum nonlinear optics

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Photons are excellent candidates to encode and transfer quantum information, however, lack of interaction between photons makes entangling operations and therefore nontrivial quantum states difficult to achieve. Mapping photons onto stationary atomic or solid-state systems can be used to mediate interaction between photons. In this research program we plan to use features of Rydberg physics such as the Rydberg blockade effect to induce non-linearity between photons. We will apply these results in developing non-classical sources of photons and to attempt problems in quantum simulation.

Please contact with your CV if you are interested in theoretical quantum physics. The successful candidate will be admitted to the graduate program at the Department of Physics at the University of Ottawa and will have the opportunity to join the theory and computation group at the National Research Council of Canada as a visiting researcher.