PhD position in Resources in bosonic quantum computing architectures at Chalmers University

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Sunday, March 10, 2024

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The goal of this PhD project in theoretical quantum information with bosonic (continuous-variable) systems is to explore new ways to quantify the resourcefulness of bosonic states and operations, in regard to their capability to provide quantum advantage for computation. Several measures allowing to quantify the amount of resourcefulness exist. Many of them were inspired by quantum optics for the choice of the experimentally accessible operations. With this PhD work, we wish to connect to the current experimental capabilities in microwave devices, and to provide new measures of resourcefulness that are rather inspired by microwave experimental capabilities.

For this project, we seek for a motivated student with interests and possibly expertises in theoretical quantum physics and in particular quantum optics. The PhD will be theoretical, and it will require good analytical and mathematical skills. It will be carried at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg in the group of Giulia Ferrini, where regular exchanges with experimentalists working on microwave cavities (Simone Gasparinetti, Axel Eriksson) are in order, as well as with the CV modeling team (Tahereh Abad). Further collaborations will involve internationally the groups of Ulysse Chabaud (Paris) and Alessandro Ferraro (Milan).

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