PhD in Quantum Algorithms at Macquarie University, Australia

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

PhD scholarships are available at Macquarie University Research Centre in Quantum Science and Technology (QSciTech) at Macquarie University via the APA scholarship scheme (deadline 30th June 2014). The 2014 APA full-time stipend rate is $25,392 pa tax exempt. QSciTech is in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, but this is a multidisciplinary topic, and we also invite applications from students with degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics or Engineering.

The project is on developing new algorithms for quantum computers. Quantum computers have tremendous promise to provide greater computing speed, but the major theoretical challenge is to design the algorithms. Some of the most promising areas are in simulation of quantum systems, and more recently systems of linear equations. In this project you will have the opportunity to design algorithms in areas such as:
* Simulation of Hamiltonian evolution for modelling physical systems.
* Simulation of quantum field theories.
* Solving systems of partial differential equations.

Applicants should
1) have a Masters degree or equivalent, and
2) be citizens of Australian or New Zealand or have been granted Australian Permanent Residency by the closing date
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Initial inquiries should be directed to the principal supervisor, Dr Dominic Berry, email: dominic.berry (at), phone: 02 9850 6371. Full applications are due by the 30th of June 2014.