PhD Scholarships : Robust Quantum Information and Metrology

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

With the new project "Robust Quantum Information and Metrology" at Macquarie University we have two PhD scholarships to fill. In Australia a PhD is normally 3-4 years in duration and there is no coursework. The scholarships cover the university fees, and provide an annual stipend of about $23,000, with some support for relocation. <!--break--> We have just purchased a new TESLA Personal Supercomputer, with more computing power than the world's most powerful computer in 2000. In this project you will have the opportunity to use this computer to obtain results for quantum computing and metrology much more rapidly than was possible before.

This project will involve developing new photonic techniques for quantum information and metrology. Photonics provides a very promising approach for quantum information, and is natural for precision measurement via interferometry. The main problem has been photon loss, and scaling up to larger demonstrations with more photons. The goal of this project is to find new ways of dealing with these problems. This will generate new experimental proposals, that can be demonstrated by collaborators at Griffith University, Macquarie University, and The University of Queensland.
Some particular subprojects are:

* Finding Bell inequalities that are more robust against photon loss.
* Searching for optical circuits to construct useful states.
* Simulating phase measurements on loss-resistant states.
* Machine learning for NV centre magnetometry.

To apply please email a CV, your academic transcripts at MSc, MPhil, BSc levels, copies of all theses (irrespective of whether in English or not), and pdfs of all relevant publications or preprints to Label the subject of your email as "PhD Application".

The DEADLINE for these applications is October 31st.