PhD students in experimental quantum computing at Chalmers University, Sweden

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Monday, December 10, 2018

4 PhD student positions in experimental quantum computing at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden

We are currently recruiting PhD students for the Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology and the Flagship-funded project OpenSuperQ. Our ambitious goals at Chalmers are to build a quantum computer with 100 superconducting qubits, and to apply it to real computational problems that cannot be efficiently solved on a conventional computer.

The four positions have the following broad profiles:
1. Build the best superconducting quantum circuits in the world, and understand their limitations.
2. Build a microwave amplifier that adds only the minimum amount of noise allowed by quantum mechanics. Use it for simultaneously reading out the state of multiple qubits.
3. Design and perform microwave simulations of quantum computer hardware with up to 100 qubits – control and quantum circuits; microchip 3D integration.
4. Design and set up the multi-qubit measurement system for a quantum processor; characterize the processor and run simple quantum programs.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!

Jonas Bylander & Per Delsing
Chalmers University of Technology