Phd/PostDoc Position - Experiments on dynamical gauge fields with ultracold atoms (Heidelberg University)

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Host Institute: Heidelberg University

Project Supervisor: Prof Fred Jendrzejewski

Starting Date: As soon as possible

Project Description

Within the Standard Model of Particle Physics, the interaction between fundamental particles is described by gauge theories. These theories have an enormous predictive power, but in many regimes their theoretical treatment is exceedingly difficult. As a consequence, high-energy physics contains many unsolved problems such as quark confinement or the dynamics of quarks and gluons during heavy-ion collisions. In a seminal paper, Feynman proposed to solve such hard quantum many-body problems by simulating them in a machine that itself is subject to the laws of quantum mechanics, a concept now known as “analog quantum simulation”.
Our aim is to implement such an analog quantum simulator for lattice gauge theories experimentally with ultracold atomic gases.This system provides a high-precision environment to test novel techniques for realizing gauge theories as well as for validating the quantum simulation. Within this project we are looking for a graduate student or postdoc to join our team of experimentalists.

Candidate Profile

Experience in the experimental techniques of atomic physics is a great advantage.
We are looking for curious and motivated candidates to join our team on this challenging project.

For inquirys please contact directly Fred Jendrzejewski: