Post Doc position at UCLA (magnetic resonance expertise req.)

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Sunday, February 28, 2021

A post doc position is available in the lab of Dr. Louis Bouchard at UCLA to work on magnetic resonance (ESR, NMR) projects related to quantum science. Our group has pioneered the development of magnetic resonance techniques to probe condensed matter phenomena in topological insulators, crystalline insulators, Dirac semimetals, topological superconductors, etc.  Some of these materials are now being developed for topological quantum computing.  In recent years we have also had interest in gas phase diffusion phenomena and associated non-Markovian effects. A current project aims at understanding the role of boundaries and the statistical effects of different types of stochastic driving forces, and how this can be leveraged in the development of quantum sensors.  We also have a project on the development of silicon based solid state qubits and the post doc could be involved in this as well.  On the theory side, we are interested in implementing quantum control based on machine learning algorithms and applying those to the gas-phase and solid state qubit systems.  UCLA provides a strong learning and research environment for quantum science through its Center for Quantum Science and Engineering (CQSE), the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM), the Quantum LA consortium and close physical proximity to industry leaders (Google Quantum Venice, HRL, Lockheed, etc.).  UCLA is also an excellent hub for machine learning featuring world leaders in applied math and physical intelligence.  Our group collaborates with many other groups on campus.  Candidates with strong background in theory are encouraged to apply.  Experimental skills are required; at the moment we are specifically looking for people that have expertise in some form of magnetic resonance.    Send questions or apply directly to: