quantum computing

Join our vibrant international research environment and collaborative research effort to develop new quantum computing and networking architectures based on fundamental research in solid-state physics, quantum optics, and quantum information science!

Postdoctoral positions are available at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC, https://uwaterloo.ca/institute-for-quantum-computing/), University of Waterloo (UW), in the field of superconducting devices. The positions are with the Superconducting Quantum Devices (SQD) group and will be supervised by Adrian Lupascu. The positions are focused on two broad areas: improving coherence of superconducting devices and quantum sensing.

Two post-doctoral positions are open at the CEA Grenoble (France) on the modelling of Si MOS and Si/SiGe spin quantum bits (qubits). The positions will remain open until filled, and have a duration of up to 2 years.
Specific details for each position are provided below. Please clearly indicate in your application the specific position to which you are applying.

We are currently offering several multi-year postdoctoral research positions to highly motivated and well-qualified researchers who intend to enhance their career in quantum information science or in quantum many-body physics. The positions on the E13 and E14 level are funded by an ERC Advanced Grant, and are also connected to other frameworks and schemes such as Berlin Quantum and the European Quantum Flagship.

Our leading group is concerned with research in quantum information theory, condensed matter theory and the intersection between the fields.

- We ask what information processing tasks are possible using single quantum systems as carriers of information. We think about the mathematical-theoretical foundations of quantum information, specifically about the theory of entanglement and questions of tomography, but also about ways of realizing topological quantum computing.


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