PostDoc (and master thesis, PhD) in Quantum Information Theory at Inria Saclay, Ecole Polytechnique

I am recruiting one PostDoc in my group at Inria Saclay, Ecole Polytechnique near Paris. PhD and master thesis candidates are also welcome to apply. As part of a new dynamic INRIA Team located in Saclay, you will have the possibility to collaborate with other quantum information researchers in Paris area and abroad.

The position will be funded by a QuantERA project, which fund a large european consortium:
It will be on one of the following topics:
- Quantum correlations, quantum nonlocality, entanglement
- Mathematical Physics (Noncommutative polynomial optimisation, C* Algebras)
- Quantum Distributed Computing
- Quantum Foundations
- More generally, all area of Quantum Information Theory
Precise projects will be tailored to your expertise. To explore the possibility of joining the group, email me (

Potential collaborations could involve:
- Quantum Physics: Antonio Acin (ICFO, Barcelona), David Gross (Cologne), Mariami Gachechiladze (TU Darmstadt), Nicolas Gisin (Geneva), Omar Fawzi (INRIA Lyon), ...
- Polynomial optimisation: Victor Magron (LAAS Toulouse), Igor Klep (Ljubljana), ...
- Distributed Computing: Jukka Suomela (Aalto, Finland), François Le Gall (Noagoya), Pierre Fraigniaud, Frédéric Magniez (Paris) ...
- Inria teams Curiosity, Quacs, Cosmiq, Quantic, ...