Postdoc and PhD in quantum simulations of chemical dynamics at the University of Sydney

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Application deadline: 

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Research group: 

The Quantum Control Laboratory, School of Physics at the University of Sydney, offers PhD scholarships and postdoctoral positions (experiment and theory) in quantum simulations of chemical dynamics (recent work: This research is in collaboration with Prof. Ivan Kassal at the School of Chemistry.

About us:
The Quantum Control Laboratory (QCL) at the University of Sydney is focused on experimental studies of quantum control, quantum computation, metrology, and quantum simulation using trapped ions. The lab is a part of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Engineered Quantum Systems (EQUS), a collaboration of five major Australian universities focused on fundamental and applied research in quantum physics and engineering. Furthermore, the University is part of the Sydney Quantum Academy (SQA). The QCL collaborates with local and external partners supported by Australian- and international-funded multidisciplinary projects, including cutting-edge industrial partners such as quantum technology startup Q-CTRL. Details of recent publications and ongoing research projects are available here:

The opportunity:
The role will focus on extending a range of successful projects of programmable quantum simulations of chemical dynamics using trapped ions. The candidate will collaborate with partners from the chemistry and medicine disciplines. Furthermore, the candidate will also have opportunities to contribute to a variety of research activities such as

  • Exploring resource-efficient quantum characterization, verification, and validation by leveraging insights from machine learning.
  • Developing advanced quantum control techniques for qudit- and bosonic-based quantum computations.
  • Developing and commissioning novel experimental systems.

Please feel free to contact for more details.