Postdocs in quantum information theory and many-body physics in Berlin

We are currently offering several multi-year postdoctoral research positions to highly motivated and well-qualified researchers who intend to enhance their career in quantum information science or in quantum many-body physics. The positions on the E13 and E14 level are funded by an ERC Advanced Grant, and are also connected to other frameworks and schemes such as Berlin Quantum and the European Quantum Flagship.

We are a highly research-active and visible team in quantum information science and the study of complex quantum systems, with a culture of open discussion, creative interdisciplinary thought and substantial international collaborations. We are conceptually minded and work with the rigor of mathematical physics, but are at the same time often pragmatically motivated and guided by the protocol, the phenomenon, the application, or the experimental implementation.

For an overview over recent publications, see this link:

Potential research topics include the following:

• Quantum computing and quantum algorithms.
• Foundations of quantum information science.
• Near-term quantum computing.
• Quantum error correction.
• Tensor network methods.
• Quantum phases of matter.

Applicants must have demonstrated excellent research accomplishments in the past. Candidates should hold a PhD degree in physics, mathematics or computer science. Interested candidates are invited to submit

• a letter indicating their main research interests.
• A detailed curriculum vitae.
• A list of publications.
• The electronic contact details of three potential referees.

All applications should be sent in electronic form to BOTH and, with the keyword "Postdoc2024" in the subject line. The advertisement will remain open until the positions are filled. For inquiries, please send a message to The start date is flexible.