Postdoctoral and PhD positions at ULB (Brussels)

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A postdoctoral position and a PhD grant are available as part of a project involving three groups at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Brussels, Belgium):
- Centre for Quantum Information and Communication (QuIC): Nicolas Cerf, Jérémie Roland
- Algorithms Research Group: Jean Cardinal and Stefan Langerman
- Discrete Mathematics Group: Sam Fiorini

The successful candidates will join one of the three teams and participate to their joint project ``COPHYMA'' (Unifying computational, physical and mathematical approaches to complexity).

The target area includes different topics in theoretical computer science and quantum computation such as polytope complexity, algorithms, query complexity and communication complexity, as well as quantum extensions of those models.

Interested applicants should send an email with their resume to,,, or Applicants are also encouraged to have at least 2 letters of recommendation arranged to be sent to one of these email addresses.

Consideration of candidates will be effective immediately and will continue until the positions are filled.