Postdoctoral position, Physics

Job type: 


Application deadline: 

Friday, January 24, 2020

Research group: 

Quantum Information Group, Lund University, Sweden

The Quantum Information Group at Lund University, Sweden is advertising a 2 year postdoc position (an additional 2 year extension might be possible).

The Lund Quantum Information Group works with rare earth ion doped crystals. The successful applicant may work with one or several of the following projects:

A) Slow light techniques (few km/s) for medical imaging deep inside tissue enabled by quantum state engineering in rare earth crystals

B) Laser frequency stabilization to cavities utilizing slow light techniques to reduce vibration and pointing sensitivity by 4-5 orders of magnitude beyond current state of the art

C) Quantum computing schemes and experimental gate operations in rare earth crystals which are able to accommodate >20 separately addressable mutually connected qubits in a volume of ~10 nm cubed

We are looking for a candidate with significant experience from experimental work with advanced optics and laser techniques.

The advertisement can be found at
Last application date is Jan 24th, 2020.