Quantum Information Group, Lund University, Sweden

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QI-group Lund

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The Quantum Information Group at the Division of Atomic Physics works on the development of hardware for quantum computing and quantum memories and on developing materials where the speed of light can be slowed by 3-5 orders of magnitude for applications in e.g. laser frequency stabilization and medical imaging and treatment.

The group has a strong activity in quantum information and quantum optics based on light-matter interactions in inorganic crystals doped with rare earth ions. These materials have unique properties as solid state quantum materials due to their exceptionally narrow optical line widths, which also translates to an ability to remain in quantum superposition states over extended periods of time. Rare-earth–ion-doped crystals are also, together with trapped ions and superconducting qubits, one of three quantum computing schemes supported in the first round of the European Union Flagship on Quantum Technology. The group has been a pioneer in introducing quantum memory schemes in rare-earth-ion-doped crystals, a field in which many groups are active today. We have pioneered sophisticated structuring of the inhomogeneous absorption profiles of rare earth-ion doped crystals using optical pumping methods. Recently this has been used to control the speed of light in the crystals. The group has lately attracted considerable external funding for working in these areas and we are expanding our activities