Our group aims to develop systems for ultimate secure data communication using semiconductor-based quantum light sources. Exploiting quantum crypthography, in contrast to classical encryption schemes, allows for physical security in data communication, taking advantage of the quantum-mecahnical properties of single or multiple quantas of light.

The research group is located at IESL-FORTH (iesl.forth.gr) in Crete (Greece). It is currently operating two BEC machines and an experiment dedicated to space optics.

We are performing experiments to explore many body quantum physics with ultracold atoms and molecules. We are located at the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT: https://www.quantumlah.org/) hosted by the National University of Singapore (http://nus.edu.sg/).

We perform experimental research on quantum technology based on single photons and single spins, on different material platforms (III-V semiconductors, 2D materials, diamond and silicon carbide).


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