The Quantum Information Group at the Division of Atomic Physics works on the development of hardware for quantum computing and quantum memories and on developing materials where the speed of light can be slowed by 3-5 orders of magnitude for applications in e.g. laser frequency stabilization and medical imaging and treatment.

We explore quantum phenomena using lasers to prepare atoms and nearly absolute zero temperature and to control their interaction properties, in particular using their highly excited (Rydberg) states. We are especially interested in developing novel applications of ultracold quantum systems, including quantum simulation of exotic states of matter, non-equilibrium physics, quantum sensing, chemistry, biophysics and computing.

Our group aims to develop systems for ultimate secure data communication using semiconductor-based quantum light sources. Exploiting quantum crypthography, in contrast to classical encryption schemes, allows for physical security in data communication, taking advantage of the quantum-mecahnical properties of single or multiple quantas of light.


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