Quantum Algorithm Developer @ Q.ANT

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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Your mission

As Quantum Algorithm Developer at Q.ANT, you will set new standards on the Quality of photonic quantum computing. You will Anticipate which existing quantum algorithms are most suitable to be adapted onto our photonic architecture for a given problem set. Furthermore, your Nosiness and creativity will let you to devise novel photonic quantum algorithms. In combination with the collaborative Teamwork of all Q.ANTies, this will enable you to solve thus far intractable problems.

Your tasks

  • Shape the future of our quantum algorithms running on our novel photonic quantum architecture
  • Evaluate existing photonic quantum algorithms regarding their short-term and long-term prospects
  • Investigate the different approaches to scalable photonic quantum computing and adapt them in collaboration with our hardware experts on onto our integrated photonic hardware
  • Simulate the photonic quantum system to derive hardware requirements of our platform (w.r.t. size, accuracy, noise, scalability) for different quantum algorithms and problems
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the relevant underlying working principles of our photonic approach to exploit its advantages for the development of novel photonic quantum computing algorithms
  • Stay nosy and keep up to date with the exciting current scientific and technological advancements

Your profile

  • Master or PhD degree in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or related relevant field
  • Knowledge of quantum computing, quantum physics, quantum optics and/ or non-linear optics
  • Knowledge of quantum algorithms for NISQ quantum accelerators (e.g. VQE, QAOA, QML, quantum sampling) as well as for universal quantum computing (gated-based, cluster-state, measurement-based, CV)
  • Prior knowledge or work experience in the area photonic quantum computing is a strong plus
  • Programming skills in Python and/or other high-level programming languages as well as experience with quantum programming languages and SDKs
  • Responsible, creative, and team-oriented way of working in a dynamic start-up environment
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken


Stuttgart/ Ulm (Germany)

Please sent your full application via email to: start@qant.de

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