Quantum Architect (remote/on-site)

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Oxford Ionics is a start-up building Quantum Computers to revolutionise industries from cybersecurity to material design. Quantum Computing offers a radically new way of building computers that harnesses the power of quantum physics to exponentially outperform conventional supercomputers. We are using unique trapped-ion technology to build the first Quantum Computers that can realise this potential.

Based in Oxford with our team working across Europe and beyond, we are an agile, ambitious company who champion creative thinking in a fast-paced environment at the cutting edge of technology.


We build quantum computers based on trapped ions. We leverage laser-free quantum control methods to create fully integrated quantum processors that can be built in silicon foundries. We see quantum computing as fundamentally a game of errors, and we build our systems to achieve ultra-low gate errors at scale.

Our goal is to create a quantum computer which is useful in the NISQ regime, and then take advantage of the ultra-low gate errors to create fault-tolerant machines with low QEC overhead.


As a quantum architect, you will guide the design of the world's first truly useful quantum computers. Working closely with our quantum hardware team, you will work to identify control solutions to improve the performance of OI’s quantum computing systems. Together with the rest of the quantum architecture team, you will develop techniques for scaling today’s quantum processors without sacrificing performance.

- Developing numerical simulations of quantum dynamics (e.g. quantum gates, ion cooling, measurements)
- Developing and evaluating novel control protocols for trapped-ion control (e.g. noise-resistant pulse sequences)
- Contributing to the development of custom quantum circuit compilation tools
- Verifying and modelling the performance of the latest quantum hardware (e.g. gate error characterisation, control cross-talk -modelling)
- Analysing system-level choices and trade-offs
- Developing and analysing large-scale quantum system architectures

- Strong expertise and research experience in quantum information / quantum computing (theoretical or experimental, and ideally combining both!)
- Experience with pulse-level or circuit-level quantum system simulations


You have hands-on experience with quantum computing hardware
Your expertise could be ions, atoms, photons, spins, dots, defects… As long as you speak the language of Hamiltonians and unitaries, we’d love to hear from you.

You have hands-on experience with quantum system simulations
Are you an experienced user of one of the quantum computing SDKs? Or maybe you’ve worked on an open-source quantum control package? If you’ve simulated quantum systems, either at a circuit level or with a master equation, we’d love to hear from you.

You understand the effect of noise on quantum systems.
Have you simulated the noise threshold of a QEC code? Or maybe you had to simulate the effect of time-varying noise on your qubit? If you are experienced in simulating noise – and motivated to fight it until the fault-tolerance threshold and beyond – we’d love to hear from you!

We welcome applications from candidates who wish to work on-site in Oxford, part-remote or fully remote.
There is no closing date for the application, but candidates will be interviewed on a rolling basis. Therefore, please apply as soon as possible to avoid missing out!


We care about building technology that empowers people to do the impossible, whether it’s designing new drugs or solving complex optimization problems. Oxford Ionics is an inclusive and supportive work environment, with the resources to learn, grow, and work collaboratively to develop cutting-edge technology.

You will be working to solve unique, never-before-solved challenges with a world-class team of scientists and engineers. We work across fields including algorithm design, microfabrication, opto-mechanical engineering, vacuum design, and radiofrequency electronics.

You will be well-supported by a team that brings experts from a wide range of disciplines. We have a non-hierarchical structure, which allows everyone to contribute to finding the right answer; we’re excited to learn from the unique insights that you will bring.

Our labs are located in Begbroke Science Park close to the beautiful city of Oxford, with great transport links to the university and rail links to London. We are able to sponsor visas for skilled workers, so applications from outside the UK are welcome.

- Equity
- Flexible working
- Unlimited holiday (minimum recommended leave 25 days plus bank holidays)
- Top class, comprehensive medical insurance
- Death in service benefit

At Oxford Ionics we know that diversity of thought and different approaches to problem solving breed innovation. We are looking for the most talented people with diverse backgrounds, lives, cultures and perspectives to support our ground-breaking work. Our policies and practices around holiday, flexible working and inclusive parental leave are here to support you.

If you're smart and good at what you do, we want you on our team.