Quantum communication technologies

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The project concerns a study on the present state of quantum communication technologies, and the nature and timing of expected developments, and the preparation of a proposal for the role of the Joint Research Centre in the domain. Background: Quantum communication technologies, such as polarisation-based optical quantum key distribution and quantum random number generation, are already in use for certain applications. New technologies, currently at very different levels of technical maturity, offer the promise of much wider application.

Tasks: The successful candidate will carry out an extensive study on the current state of quantum communication technologies, defining and investigating future expected developments, in terms of their content and their timing. He or she will assist JRC senior management in defining the JRC role, which could include the establishment of a quantum communication technology test-bed and/or demonstrations of quantum communication technology for specific applications. This will include planning laboratory or field campaigns which might be conducted and the equipment required for them. In the course of this study, EU policy implications will be investigated, both in terms of areas suggested for research and development work, and in any standardisation activity to be pursued, whether at EU or global level.