Quantum Error Correction Researcher

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Riverlane (Cambridge, UK) is the world’s first quantum engineering company. We are hardware obsessed, qubit agile and commercially driven. We’re a passionate team collaboratively tackling some of humanity’s biggest opportunities, from climate change to materials science and new drug discovery.

You will join our cross-disciplinary team of software developers, mathematicians, quantum information theorists, computational chemists and physicists – all world experts in their fields. Our collaborative, close-knit team has a track record of delivering high-quality R&D across the full quantum stack. As a growing company, you will have the freedom to think independently and creatively, as well as contribute to Riverlane’s business development.

You will join our research team working on quantum error correction. Research projects include developing and implementing fast decoding algorithms for quantum error correction, designing novel quantum codes for different hardware architectures, and design of protocols for executing fault-tolerant quantum logic.

- Read and discuss academic papers with your teammates, identifying the most important and scalable results-
- Learn about new approaches to quantum error correction, coming up with new codes or decoders algorithms, or modifying existing ideas as a result
- Work with some of the world’s leading hardware groups and best to perform scalable error correction on their devices
- Help develop and implement Riverlane’s cutting edge error correction products
- Build Riverlane’s international standing through writing papers and presenting results at conferences as appropriate
- Help develop research and business development proposals to win external funding

- PhD in quantum technologies or quantum information theory
- Evidence of creative, high-quality academic work
- Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, with a track record of communicating scientific results to colleagues and other audiences
- Experience working both independently and in a research team
- Passion for translating academic expertise into an applied industrial setting.

Apply here: https://www.riverlane.com/vacancy/quantum-error-correction-researcher/