Quantum Memories for Space, DLR Berlin, Germany

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Application deadline: 

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

One PhD position is available within the Group Physical Foundations of IT-Security at
the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Institute of Optical Sensor Systems in Berlin. The
PhD will be obtained at the Technische Universität Berlin.

Your Mission:

Photonic quantum memories are so far missing key components for the second quantum
revolution and enable a plethora of novel applications. For example, quantum networks
promise provable security in communication and also the possibility for connecting quantum
computers and simulators for calculations on distributed machines.

The recently founded Group on Physical Foundations of IT-Security focuses on the one hand
on the development of non-classical light sources and quantum memories for single photons.
On the other hand, security-relevant applications of these key components in the emerging
quantum technologies are explored. Most prominent, quantum secured communication and
optical computation in the quantum and classical regime are in the research focus.
At the beginning of the PhD work, a quantum memory for single photons in alkaline vapor at
room temperature is built and optimized with respect to noise, efficiency, bandwidth and
storage time. Special remark is on using components suitable for future airborne and space
missions. Later, the memory is tested in applications.

To support our dynamic team, we are looking for a highly motivated student with first
experiences in experimental quantum optics or atomic physics to realize a quantum memory
experiment and to develop tools and methods for optimizing the memory.
Your qualification
 - Master or equivalent degree in physics or closely related fields
 - Experience with experimental optics
 - Profound knowledge in theoretical physics
 - Programming skills for data analysis and experimental control
 - Capacity for teamwork
 - Quantum optics experience is advantageous

Please send a letter of motivation summarizing your qualification and academic interests, a
complete CV and transcription of grades/diplomas. Letters of recommendation from previous
supervisors and mentors will be considered. In case of questions, contact
janik.wolters@dlr.de. Please apply until 31. July 2019.