Quantum optics in GHz time-varying metamaterials

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Friday, September 15, 2023

Contemporary optical quantum technologies exploit the interactions between atomic systems, nonlinear optical materials, and high-quality cavities, to achieve exquisite control over individual quantum systems. They are ideally suited to enable quantum sensors of unprecedented sensitivity and are one of the most promising platforms towards achieving universal quantum computation. The next frontier for obtaining even greater precision and power will be to tailor the nanoscale structure of light in the spatial and spectrotemporal domains using custom optical metamaterials and the concept of time-varying photonics.

We are looking for motivated PhD candidates interested in joining our effort to explore how these new platforms can improve the capabilities of integrated quantum optical systems. The project will be mostly theoretical, framed in the language of open quantum systems, cavity optomechanics and quantum nonlinear optics. In addition, the candidate will work closely with a leading experimental group seeking to implement these concepts.

Prospective candidates need to contact the project supervisor: Dr Mikolaj Schmidt at mikolaj.schmidt@mq.edu.au by September 15 the latest to discuss the project, and submit the CV and academic transcript. We will invite selected candidates for online interviews in mid-September.

This PhD will be carried out under the joint supervision of three Sydney-based experts in quantum optical technologies:
– Dr Mikolaj K. Schmidt (https://mkschmidtphysics.blog/) and Prof. Michael J. Steel (https://researchers.mq.edu.au/en/persons/mike-steel) from the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at Macquarie University,
– A/Prof. Alexander Solntsev from the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Technology Sydney (https://profiles.uts.edu.au/Alexander.Solntsev).

For more information, contact the project supervisor: Dr Mikolaj Schmidt at mikolaj.schmidt@mq.edu.au

This project would suit students with experience or interest in quantum optics, optomechanics, nano-optics, and numerical modelling.

You will formally join the group led by Prof. Steel at MQ. Note that both Macquarie University, and the University of Technology Sydney, are inclusive environments towards all cultures, genders, sexual orientations, age, and religions, and we warmly encourage enquiries from people of all backgrounds. In turn, we will expect you to embrace these values as a PhD student.