Quantum Simulation of Batteries

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Work Environment
The Munich based Volkswagen Data:Lab is the gateway to the newest technology and research for the entire Volkswagen Group, the largest car manufacturer in the world. We fulfill this mission by closely monitoring technology trends, shaping the best of them into products, and carrying out novel research. We are looking to grow the Data:Lab by adding experts in their field who would like to solve today’s most challenging problems and apply the solutions globally.

You will be joining the quantum computing team in Munich. This team is dedicated to finding applications of quantum computing within the Volkswagen Group, as well as doing fundamental research on the algorithms and machines that drive these applications. The ultimate goal of the quantum computing team is to bring quantum advantage to reality as soon as possible.

Your Tasks

  • Develop quantum algorithms in close collaboration with our chemistry research departments to speed up or enable simulation
  • Meet with and understand the business use-cases of the relevant departments within the Volkswagen Group
  • Build up a codebase for quantum chemistry, especially for battery research and execute experiments on state-of-the-art NISQ
    quantum processors

Your Qualifications

  • Successfully finished Masters degree in physics, chemistry or equivalent subject
  • Successfully finished classes in quantum theory, quantum information and computing
  • Knowledge of quantum chemistry, especially of the associated numerical methods (DFT, HF, CI, CC)
  • Good programming skills in Python/C++/R or equivalent, and version control (Git)
  • Advanced proficiency in written and spoken English; knowledge of German a plus but not required

For questions please contact: Martin.Leib@volkswagen.de

To apply for the position go to: https://karriere.volkswagen.de/sap/bc/bsp/sap/zvw_hcmx_ui_ext/?jobId=8EE...