QuTiP Support Developer

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Application deadline: 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Research group: 

Looking for a part-time Software Support Technician (supporting the program QuTiP).
Applications will be reviewed on 18 April 2016. The position will remain open to applications until it has been filled.

The QuTiP project is looking to extend its team with the addition of some support technicians or support programmers. This is also an opportunity to become a long term member of a highly successful scientific open source project, helping to build the software tools that are used to investigate the quantum world.

QuTiP is the most popular quantum simulation package on the planet, with about 30,000 website visitors per year, and in use by almost every institution working with quantum dynamics. There is extensive information about QuTiP available online at http://qutip.org/

The responsibilities include (in order of priority):
- Helping new users with installing and running the library via the online forum.
- building and maintaining multi-platform Python library installation packages
- managing regular point releases
- aiding with preparations for major releases
- updating documentation where appropriate
- solving specific technical problems, as directed by the team
- innovative idea development of your own devising

Essential skills are:
- Python software development. In particular using Numpy and Scipy libraries
- written communication in the English language

Highly desirable skills:
- building C extensions in Python using the Cython library
- compiling C programs on multiple platforms, including MS Windows
- using Github to manage an open source software project

Advantageous skills:
- Some basic understanding of quantum mechanics
- basic web development

The work can be completed wherever suits you, and to your own schedule. It is expected, however, that support requests (of which there are typically 1-5 per week) are answered within 24 hours. Flexible working hours, not exceeding 26 hours a week. This work can be done anywhere with access to the internet. However, for the hiring process to be completed, the candidate must spend a few hours (once) at RIKEN, located in Wako-shi, Saitama. Thus, this position is mostly suitable for people living in or near Tokyo.

The pay ranges from 910 to 1,200 yen/hour depending on educational level and experience. This rate is regulated by the institution for part-time work (not exceeding 26 hours a week). This amounts to an approximate maximum amount ranging from 23,660 yen per week, to 31,200 yen per week, before taxes. Payment monthly based on hours claimed by submitting a timesheet.

Apply in writing by email to Ai Sato (ais@riken.jp) by stating your relevant skills, experience, and personal qualities, such as would make you a good candidate for this role.