Research fellow quantum information (experiment & theory)

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Sunday, January 1, 2023

We have openings for talented early-career scientists with strong track record in experimental and theoretical quantum physics and are ready to take up a leadership role in the group to spearhead new research initiatives. As part of the team, there will be ample opportunity to explore your own ideas and participate in grant-writing processes.

Potential projects for experimentalist include: bosonic superconducting quantum systems, quantum error correction, materials for quantum computing, implementation of quantum algorithms on qudits, and many more!

Potential projects for theory candidates include: quantum machine learning, quantum algorithms, quantum error-correction, quantum dynamics in continuous-variable systems, etc. The projects will offer an unique opportunity for candidates with theoretical background to work closely with the experimental implementation and co-develop experimentally-feasible theoretical frameworks in these topics.

As a team, we place great emphasis on diversity and openness. We have been working hard in building up our capacities and experimental infrastructure over the last 2 years. Now, we are ready to make great science, and very importantly, have fun along the way. If you want to be part of our dynamic and diverse team, please reach out to or!