Scientist (Quantum Technologies for Engineering), IMRE

Job type: 


Application deadline: 

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Research group: 

The Quantum Imaging and Sensing Group in the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering is looking for a research scientist for a project in the field of quantum and nonlinear optics. The project is related to quantum interferometry of correlated photon pairs and its application in broadband infrared micro-spectroscopy of a specimen. (D. Kalashnikov et al, Nature Photonics 10, 98 (2016); A. Paterova et al, Science Advances 6(44), eabd0460 (2020)).

The successful candidate will carry out the following work:
Develop new schemes of quantum interferometry for high resolution infrared micro-spectroscopy;
Perform experimental realisation of the schemes in the optics laboratory;
Study new type of nonlinear crystals to improve the performance of quantum interferometry technique;
Perform simple automation of the experimental setup by software programming of scientific instruments, such as translation stages, sensors et al;
Interpret and analyse obtained experimental results;
Collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team of researchers.


1. PhD degree on quantum/nonlinear physics or in related fields;

2. Experimental work experience in quantum/nonlinear optics laboratory;

3. Experience in software programming (Labview and/or Python) would be a plus;

4. Proficient with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint;

5. Ability to communicate effectively and clearly with the team.