Several open PhD and Post-Doctoral positions

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Department/Group of Applied Physics, led by Prof. Nicolas Gisin, at the University of Geneva is inviting motivated people to apply for several open PhD and Post-Doctoral positions, working on experimental and theoretical aspects of quantum communication and nonlocality.

[1] The applicant will be involved in the development and engineering of high efficiency photon sources based on parametric down conversion. The applicant will work towards experiments involving multiple sources in advanced quantum communication primitives such as teleportation as well as the engineering of hyper-entangled photonic quantum states.
Contact: Dr Rob Thew -

[2] The applicant will work on the development of advanced single photon detector technologies, ranging from avalanche photodiodes to superconducting devices. The focus is on improved optical coupling, electronics and overall adaptation towards advance quantum communication experiments.
Contact: Dr Hugo Zbinden -

[3] The applicant will work on storage devices for light at the single photon level, a so-called quantum memory for light. These are crucial components in future quantum networks because they will enable scalable distribution of entanglement over large distances. The goal of the project is to demonstrate long-lived storage of entangled light using rare-earth-doped crystals as quantum memories. The candidate should have a solid background in light-matter interactions.
Contact: Mikael Afzelius - or Dr Hugues de Riedmatten -

[4] The applicant will be involved in theoretical studies of quantum nonlocality considered as a resource. The expected outcomes of the research are findings about the minimal resources required to simulate quantum correlations.
Contact: Nicolas Gisin -

The PhD applicants must hold a diploma or masters degree in physics and Post-Docs must have their PhD and experience in the relevant field. Enquiries and applications should be directed to the people listed above. The application should include a CV, a short description of research interests and the names of three potential referees and their relationship to the candidate.