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Thursday, August 30, 2018

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We are seeking software engineers to join our efforts to build quantum communication networks!


The vision of a Quantum Internet is to provide fundamentally new internet technology by enabling quantum communication between any two points on earth. Such a Quantum Internet will – in synergy with the ‘classical’ internet that we have today - connect quantum processors in order to achieve unparalleled capabilities that are provably impossible using classical communication.

As with any radically new technology, it is hard to predict all uses of the future Quantum Internet, but several major applications have already been identified. One striking application of quantum communication is quantum key distribution (QKD), which allows two remote network nodes to generate an encryption key, enabling the exchange of secret information between any users connected to the Quantum Internet. The security of QKD is guaranteed by the fundamental laws of nature, and thus fully future proof even against any attacker possessing a large-scale quantum computer. Other promising known applications are clock synchronization, extending the baseline of telescopes, secure identification, achieving efficient agreement on distributed data, exponential savings in communication, quantum sensor networks, as well as secure access to remote quantum computers in the cloud.

Central to all these applications is the ability to send quantum bits (qubits). Qubits are fundamentally different from classical bits. While a classical bit can take only two values, ’0’ and ’1’, a qubit can be in a superposition of being ’0’ and ’1’ at the same time.

Quantum Internet at QuTech

QuTech pursues a targeted effort to make quantum communication networks a reality, including both hardware and software at the cutting edge of research and development. In 2020, QuTech aims to establish the first demonstration network linking quantum processors in different cities, and pursues a long term effort to enable long distance quantum communication.


We are now seeking software engineers who want to join our team to make such networks a reality. In this position, you will work in an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers on a highly ambitious and challenging project.
- You enjoy working in a team and bring excellent organizational, communication and interpersonal skills
- You are creative and flexible working in a mission driven environment to realize quantum networks
- You have experience in software engineering practises
- You have expertise in programming C, C++, Python, and enjoy system programming

How to apply

Applications can be made via this application form

For more information please see the goals of the Quantum Internet Alliance coordinated by QuTech, or contact Prof. Stephanie Wehner (, website)