Technical Manager - Quantum Computing

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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Quantum Computing Scientist/Engineer – Technical Manager

Qunova Computing, Inc. ( is a quantum application startup with a focus in quantum chemistry and quantum algorithm development. Our goal is to accelerate new drug and material discovery by developing quantum computing software solutions that will deliver accurate electronic structures of large molecular and solid state systems.
Qunova is looking for a quantum computing theory scientist or software engineer with experience related to the development of quantum algorithms. He/she will contribute to the development of a quantum computing platform and quantum software for applications with quantum simulation and quantum machine learning. Suitable candidates will participate in quantum computing platform projects on fundamental quantum computing theories and NISQ computing based high-quality computational solutions for drug discovery applications.
Qunova’s research centers are located in Daejeon and Seoul, South Korea. Qualified candidates will be allowed to work remotely but must be flexible about working with colleagues and clients in different time zones worldwide. The Technical Manager will work hand-in-hand with Qunova’s multinational research team and collaborate with the world-renowned scientists in the Qunova-KAIST team, as well as major quantum cloud providers.

• Develop and apply quantum algorithms on quantum operating systems/platforms.
• Develop quantum error correction/filtering/mitigation techniques, VQA/VQE, QAOA, quantum machine learning for NISQ computers.
• Collaborate with and support Qunova’s quantum biochemistry research team.
• Conduct basic research for highly recognized scientific publications and patent disclosures.
• Interact with customers in the areas of quantum computing research and drug discovery.

• Ph.D. in electrical engineering, computer science, physics, or a related discipline, or a M.S. with min 4 years of experience; hands on experience in quantum circuit designs.
• Advanced knowledge of quantum computing and information principles and how to apply these techniques to NISQ computing applications.
• Experience in computer scripting and programming and significant experience on high performance computing on Linux/UNIX.
• Ability to work in a collaborative environment as exemplified by a strong publication record with collaborators.

Related Skills
• Expertise in quantum computing theory and algorithms, and related skills for quantum software development.
• In-depth understanding of quantum simulations and quantum machine learning, and quantum error management.
• Data science and machine learning algorithms and tools.
• Programming skills (e.g. Python and C/C++); familiarity with debugging and profiling tools; experience with using scientific and numeric data analysis.
• Chemistry modeling is a plus.

Salary and Benefits
• Competitive salary depending on level of experience (median salary: US$90,000 per annum)
• Company stock options
• Fringe benefits including health insurance and retirement plan contributions
• Annual personal holiday plus national holidays with flexibility to carry over
• Relocation allowance if applicable

Location: Daejeon or Seoul, South Korea; global remote for qualified candidates