Theory hybrid semiconductor-superconductor systems: from spin to protected qubits (PhD opening)

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Application deadline: 

Sunday, June 30, 2024

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The Theory of Quantum Materials and Solid-State Quantum technologies group at the Materials Science Institute Madrid (ICMM) is seeking well-qualified, highly motivated, and dynamic young scientists at PhD level in theory and simulation of spin qubits and hybrid semiconductor-superconductor systems . We seek persons with interest in condensed matter theory, quantum computing, light-matter interactions, etc. The project involves a close collaboration with state-of-the-art experimental labs.
Ph.D. position (4 years)
Starting date: September/October 2024 (a later starting date can be negotiated). Application deadline: end of June. Requirements:
- Master’s degree in theoretical physics or similar is required (students in the process of completing the master thesis are also encouraged to apply).
- Solid knowledge of quantum mechanics, including solid-state physics and second quantization.
- Numerical programming practice (python, Matlab, Julia or similar) and basic use of mathematical symbolic computer tools (Wolfram Mathematica, SymPy or similar).
- Practical knowledge of English.
- Preferably some knowledge of quantum technologies, superconductivity, light-matter interactions, open quantum systems, periodically driven systems, quantum algorithms and/or quantum simulation.
Possible PhD candidates should provide a Curriculum Vitae and a letter of motivation to Rubén Seoane and José Carlos Abadillo-Uriel before the application deadline.