Trusted randomness derived from quantum optical processes for QC applications

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Host Institute: University of Padova

Project Supervisor: Prof Paolo Villoresi

Tentative placements/visits arranged at: Universities of Geneva and Vigo, ID Quantique

Starting date: 1 Oct 2017

Duration: 3 years

Annual Salary: Equivalent to €39,820.44 + €7,200 (for mobility allowance) + €6,000 (for family allowance, if eligible)

Project Description

This project concerns the study of random number generators based on self-testing quantum processes. The randomness of keys and seeds is a crucial ingredient in current secure communications, as demonstrated by the fact that several known wide-scale attacks were directed at the generators of random numbers. This project aims at the development of device-independent schemes in quantum optics and the experimental implementation of the related protocols that generate random numbers using quantum measurements on a system with one or more degrees of freedom. The subjects to study in this project are quantum information theory, which provides the means for the quantitative assessment of genuine randomness in a measurement process; experimental quantum optics, which allows implementing the protocols; and the numerical methods for the tests on the quality of the generated random series. The project also includes the study of the international standards for random number generators and the associated verification methods.


Candidate profile

Candidates should hold (or expect) an MSc degree in Physics, Electronic Engineering or other relevant discipline. They will have demonstrated academic success at the highest level, creativity, enthusiasm and shown an aptitude for experimental Physics or Engineering.

Experience of experimental quantum optics, communication systems, cryptography.

The candidate should have excellent command of both spoken and written English.

The candidate should be willing to travel to and collaborate with all, beneficiary or partner organisation, members of the network.

Eligibility rules

For full explanation of eligibility rules please see here. In short, eligibility rules require candidates to have been resident outside the host country (Italy) for at least two of the past three years prior to the start of their contract. They should also be in the first 4 years (full-time equivalent) of their research careers. This is measured from the date that you obtained the degree that would entitle you to embark on a PhD. The candidates cannot have a PhD degree at the time of recruitment, but it is possible to be a PhD student and still satisfy the above condition.