Two PhD/Post-Doc Positions, Mathey Group, Center for Optical Quantum Technologies, University of Hamburg, Germany

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We offer two PhD/Post-Doc positions, available immediately, at the newly created Center for Optical Quantum Technologies (ZOQ). In a vibrant, communicative environment, we study a wide range of quantum phenomena, from technological aspects of ultra-cold atom systems to fundamental questions of many-body theory. We use both analytical approaches, e.g. field-theoretic descriptions, as well as numerical methods, such as simulations.

The successful candidate will work on ambitious and creative projects, that require both thorough understanding of the theoretical formalism, and physical intuition. The working language is English.

The interested candidate should send a short description of academic interests and accomplishments, and a CV to Prof. Dr. Ludwig Mathey at lmathey(at)