Centre for Quantum Information and Communication

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50, Avenue F. D. Roosevelt, ULB, CP 165/59, B-1050
50° 48' 40.6944" N, 4° 22' 54.8904" E

The Centre for Quantum Information and Communication (QuIC) at the Université Libre de Bruxelles has been working on quantum information theory for several years, with research contributions ranging from fundamental questions such as quantum measurement, quantum entanglement, or quantum nonlocality to more information-flavored issues such as quantum cloning, quantum cryptography, or quantum algorithms. More recently, it has also started an experimental quantum information activity together with the ULB optics laboratory. It currently holds two provisional patents, and has published numerous scientific papers among which two in the journal Nature.

A large fraction of QuIC research activities over the last few years has focused on quantum information with continuous-variable carriers. In particular, the QuIC has reported on the first demonstration of continuous-variable quantum key distribution in collaboration with the Institut d'Optique Palaiseau. The QuIC initiated in 2002 a series of conferences especially devoted to continuous-variable quantum information processing, which now runs on an annual basis, and has been coordinating European research projects on this topic since 2004.