National Quantum Information Centre of Gdansk

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The potential of QIPC in Poland led to a decision to create on 29-th June 2007 National Quantum Information Centre of Gdańsk - a joint research unit formed together by University of Gdańsk, Polish Academy of Sciences, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Lodz University, Jagiellonian University, Adam Mickiewicz University, Technical University of Gdańsk and Wroclaw University ( The main goal of the Centre is to become an important element of European Research Space, a strong partner for international QIPC projects and in QIPC consultations conducted by EC. The Centre will stimulate QIPC research by, among others:
- fostering interaction between theory and experiment within QIPC in Poland
- providing a meeting ground of Polish scientists with world leaders in quantum information
- cooperation with the participating institutions, an expert coordination of research, and joint applications for European grants
- Ph. D. research programs
- developing new technologies in QIPC – prototypes and patents, and general cooperation with high-tech industries in Poland (as a research and development unit, and source of expert advice, and standards).
The Centre may serve as an excellent place for small scale workshops.