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Initialized in December 2019 by students of all concentrations and degree levels, The Quantum Research Group, abbreviated as the QRG, is an independent quantum reporting & research outlet dedicated to educating institutions & contributing to quantum computing system development. Initializing in New York City, the QRG is specifically aimed at creating innovative QRG think tanks and then testing to various quantum cloud systems to solve historically unsolvable problems.

Why is this important?

With quantum technology now evolving at such a fast rate, there are few formalized classroom settings where the impacts of what the incoming quantum computing age can mean in contrast to our classical computing age.This is particularly important in computer science curriculums as well as every STEM field to incorporate as supplemental learning.

What QRG aims to do is to ultimately have a community-driven base of practical NP-complete decisions that modern quantum computing may be able to solve. Big companies such as IBM, Google, Microsoft and more are focused on enterprise solutions whereas QRG attempts to connect networks & STEM sectors with innovation based on experimentations backed by research to provide solutions to problems that humanity does not yet have answers to.