Quantum AI Foundation

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Quantum AI Foundation
Sanocka 9/103

We are a charity organization aiming to support education, research, development and collaboration in science and new technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing, but also other fields on Mathematics and Computer Science. The Foundation was founded on 20.11.2019 by PaweĊ‚ Gora and it is registered in Poland. You can find more formal information on the website of the Polish court: https://rejestr.io/krs/808359/fundacja-quantum-ai.

The Foundation achieves its goals by organizing meetings (e.g., Warsaw Quantum Computing Group meetup), workshops (e.g., Workshops on Quantum Computing), contests, hackathons and other events focusing on education and enhancing research and collaboration in new technologies like AI and quantum computing.

We also collaborate with several Strategic and Honorary Partners.