Quantum Algorithms Group @ Quantum Research Centre - Technology Innovation Institute

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Quantum Algorithms @ QRC-TII

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The Technology Innovation Institute (TII) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, is a newly-established, top-funding state initiative that aims at becoming a major international hub for Science & Technology (https://www.tii.ae/). The Quantum Research Centre (QRC) at TII has recently launched world-class theoretical and experimental research groups on different quantum technologies (https://quantum.tii.ae/about-us-quantum).

The Quantum Algorithms Group (https://quantum.tii.ae/our-research/quantum-algorithms), directed by Prof. Leandro Aolita, focusses on the study and development of quantum algorithms, including optimisations, matrix-arithmetics-based problems, machine learning, Monte-Carlo estimations, and complex quantum simulations, e.g. Our goals are two-fold: practical primitives for near-term quantum hardware as well as advanced procedures for future, fully-fledged universal quantum computers. Research activities include hybrid classical-quantum approaches, neural- and tensor-network tools, quantum signal processing, quantum error correction and mitigation, computational complexity, quantum-inspired and de-quantized algorithms, benchmarking/characterization of quantum devices, and quantum-circuit compiling, among others.