Quantum Information with Light and Matter - LPMC UMR7336

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avenue Joseph Vallot University Nice Sophia Antipolis
43° 42' 57.6" N, 7° 15' 53.1468" E

The laboratory of condensed matter physics (LPMC) is a joint research unit (UMR 7336) headed by the University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis and the CNRS. It is associated with two CNRS institutes, namely the INstitute of Physics (main association) and the INstitute of Engineering and System Sciences (secondary association). The research programs depend on sections 05 and 08 of the National Committee of Scientific Research, and on sections 28, 30 and 63 of the National Council of the Universities.

Ongoing research activities at LPMC can be declined along two thematics: MOSAIQ and Fluids & Complex Materials, in which more than 20 research projects are under study. Each thematic gathers more than 20 researchers (either from the University or from CNRS) and has the possibility to be supplied by highly-capable technical platforms: article 120, article, and article for Fluids & Complex Materials, and Specialty optical fibres manufacture and Integrated optics on lithium niobate for MOSAIQ. Joint service commitments, gathering both administration and technical facilities, help the researchers developing their research programs in a more efficient and easier way.

The LPMC is highly involved in teaching activities whatever the degree (Licence and Master). Noticeably, it plays a leading role in the two Masters of Physics proposed at the University of Nice regarding both research and teaching aspects. It also offers to undergraduates the possibility to experience a first insight in a research laboratory.