Quantum Integrated Devices Group (Institute of Science and Technology Austria)

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Quantum IDs Group (ISTA)

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The Fink group’s research is positioned between quantum optics and mesoscopic condensed matter physics. The team studies quantum physics in electrical, mechanical, and optical chip-based devices with the goal to advance and integrate quantum technology for simulation, communication, metrology, and sensing.

One of Fink’s goals is to develop a microchip-based router that will be able to convert a microwave signal to an optical signal with near unity efficiency. With such devices, the Fink group seeks to perform quantum communication with superconducting circuits and telecom wavelength photons. In one project, the group uses a qubit to create a single photon state. With the router, this microwave photon is converted into an optical photon, which can then be transmitted over long distances using low-loss optical fiber. The Fink group will also use this technique to entangle microwave and optical photons – an important step toward realizing worldwide quantum networks. Another direction is to develop higher quality qubits by using new electrical circuit elements called geometric superinductors which help suppress charge fluctuations that can wash out the quantum information stored on-chip.