Quantum Optics and Informaiton

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The Quantum Optics and Information Group of Goiânia is a research team of the Institute of Physics of Federal University of Goiás (Brazil) that undertakes research in both theoretical and experimental aspects of quantum mechanics and advanced quantum technologies with future applications in metrology, communication, and computation. Our group originated from the Quantum Optics Group, founded in 1999 by Professor Basilio Baseia, that was primarily focused on the preparation, the study of the properties and the applications of nonclassical states of the electromagnectic field in travelling waves or inside a superconducting cavity. With the incorporation of new researchers to the group: Ardiley T. Avelar (2006 ), Norton G. de Almeida (2009), Wesley B. Cardoso (2010), Lucas C. Céleri (2012) and Rafael M. Gomes (2012), the research lines was greatly expanded including, among other things, the foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum mechanics of open system, optical solitons and optical communications, nonlinear dynamics in Bose-Einstein condensates, quantum (relativistic) thermodynamics, quantum (relativistic) information and experimental quantum optics.