Quantum Technology Finland

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Quantum Technology Finland (QTF) is a national Centre of Excellence, formed around eleven research groups focusing on experiments on single quanta in solid state and device physics, theory of open quantum systems, and engineering capability, to implement quantum technology. The Centre is coordinated by Aalto University with 8 participating groups. Other members are from the University of Helsinki (1 group) and VTT (2 groups).

QTF aims to introduce novel approaches for control of quantum coherence and dissipation, and to develop new and improved quantum circuits and hybrid architectures. Its research combines experimental, theoretical and applied expertise in all-superconducting and silicon-based devices, superconducting-metal interfaces, graphene and other 2D materials, nanowires and carbon nanotubes. It builds on a long tradition in the chain of Centres of Excellence since the establishment of this programme in Finland in 1995.