Theory of Light-Matter and Quantum Phenomena

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Quantum Light-Matter@UM

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University of Montpellier
Place Eugene Bataillon
43° 37' 53.5764" N, 3° 52' 3.9216" E

The "Theory of light-matter and quantum phenomena" group focuses on theoretical research on elementary and collective quantum effects, at the crossroads between light-matter physics, condensed matter, and ultra-cold quantum gases.

Research is developed in close collaboration with several national and international experimental groups, and are motivated by both fundamental and applicative challenges in quantum physics:

1) non-equilibrium dynamics in quantum physics (Casimir-Lifshiz interaction, heat transfer, fluctuations-dissipation theorems, entanglement, light-harvesting complexes, quantum thermal machines, quantum thermodynamics)

2) light and energy transport properties in periodic or disordered quantum complex systems (ultra cold quantum gases, quantum dots, photonics crystals, artificial atomic crystals, graphene)

3) few and many-body quantum physics (Bose-Einstein condensation, collective oscillations, solitons, and quantum vortices in Bose and Fermi atomic gases, polaritons in semiconductors)

4) plasmonics and nanophotonics (graphene, gratings, 2D materials, numerical electromagnetism)