atomic and molecular physics

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Are you a physics postgraduate student interested in Ultracold Physics? Would you like to learn more from international experts in the field?

The group is composed of four main researchers, and we develop theoretical and experimental research in

Characterization of Entanglement and the geommetry of quantum states
Entanglement Quantification and measurement
Decoherence and Disentanglement
Entanglement in systems of identical particles
Cavity QED in atoms and solid state systems
Quantum properties of light
Coupled cavities and simulation of quantum many body systems
Entanglement and theory of resources

Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics is a strong center of theoretical physics. It is especially known for the achievements of its employees in the field of quantum optics and quantum information theory (profs. Michal Horodecki, Ryszard Horodecki, Marek Zukowski) mathematical physics (profs. Wladyslaw Adam Majewski, Robert Alicki) and others with considerable achievements.

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