#distributed quantum computation #entanglement distribution #error correction

We are looking for exceptional and motivated candidates for a postdoc position in quantum distributed algorithms. The position is funded by a large grant of the Templeton Fondation (more information here http://www.qiss.fr). Prospect candidates are expected to have strong background in one of the following area: classical distributed algorithms, quantum algorithms, quantum information, especially NISQ approach to quantum computing.

Quantum computers promise to deliver strong computational speedups, at least for a few relevant problems. One path towards building a quantum computer is to design a small quantum device and carefully scale it up, this is the so-called monolithic approach. An alternative path is to link small quantum devices via entanglement and create a distributed quantum computer. While this approach has the advantage of sidestepping the need to control very large quantum systems it brings challenges of its own such as the periodic distribution of entanglement.

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