PhD position on distributed quantum computation

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Monday, February 1, 2021

Quantum computers promise to deliver strong computational speedups, at least for a few relevant problems. One path towards building a quantum computer is to design a small quantum device and carefully scale it up, this is the so-called monolithic approach. An alternative path is to link small quantum devices via entanglement and create a distributed quantum computer. While this approach has the advantage of sidestepping the need to control very large quantum systems it brings challenges of its own such as the periodic distribution of entanglement.
In this project you will design and optimize protocols for distributed computation. You will optimize the methods to work with actual physical devices existing at QuTech, considering qubit connectivity and realistic noise. You will also propose and benchmark distributed quantum computation architectures for future larger scale devices. The investigation will have a theoretical part mostly related with quantum error correction and network architectures, and a numerical part where you will model realistic quantum devices and simulate the performance of the codes and architectures.

You will join the research group of David Elkouss in QuTech, a research institute in Delft, the Netherlands.
Additionally, the work will be carried in a highly colaborative environment within the context of a joint effort between Fujitsu and QuTech. In particular you will collaborate among others with the groups of Johannes Borregaard, Ronald Hanson, Ryoichi Ishihara, Tim Taminiau and Stephan Wong.

You have a master's degree in either computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics or physics. You have demonstrated your abilities in at least one research project. A background in quantum information and/or software engineering are a plus.

To apply fill this application. For questions about the application, you can write an email to: d dot elkousscoronas at tudelft dot nl

The application deadline is February the 1st 2021. The starting date is April the 1st 2021 (can be negotiated).