One of the remaining puzzles in modern physics is the transition from quantum to classical physics. While many models, like decoherence, have been proposed, experimental tests remain very challenging. One of the most promising avenues for observing quantum effects at a macroscopic scale has been through optomechanics in which the radiation pressure of light is used to probe and control the dynamics of mechanical oscillators.

We are seeking highly motivated postdoctoral fellows and PhDs for theoretical and experimental work on solid state quantum photonics, nanophotonics, nanofabrication, optomechanics, optical quantum computation algorithms and related fields.

A PostDoc position fully funded by the South African Research Chair in Quantum Information Processing and Communications is available at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban. The Centre for Quantum Technology has groups working on theoretical and experiment topics, that include

- Open quantum systems
- Dissipative quantum computing
- Quantum biology
- Quantum cryptography
- Quantum nanophotonics
- Cold atoms - BEC

A new PhD position in Theoretical Quantum Optics of Ultracold Quantum Gases and Nanostructures is available at the University of Oxford, Department of Physics.

''Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Quantum Nanophotonics - Lecturer/Senior Lecturer'''


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