nonlinear optics

Quantum Optics Lab is located at the Özyeğin University in Istanbul. Our activities span a large spectrum from development of a intra-campus quantum network to quantum memories based on cold and hot atomic ensembles. We also conduct research about quantum imaging using entangled photon pairs In our group we have an open Post Doctorate positions as part of a project funded by TUBITAK.

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Postdoctoral Fellow: Fibre-integrated quantum photonic devices

City: Ottawa
Organizational Unit: Security and Disruptive Technologies
Classification: RO
Tenure: Term
Duration: 2 years
Language Requirements: English

The NRC Advantage

Submission deadline: 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Registration deadline: 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

We would like to advertise a limited number of places at the workshop on Spectral and Spatial Engineering of Quantum Light (SSEQL), which will be held at the University of Warsaw from 30. March to 1. April 2016. The workshop is organized within the PhoQuS project and focuses on exploring the spectral-temporal and spatial degree of freedom of light for multidimensional photonic quantum information encoding and processing. The list of invited speakers includes:


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